Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haul: The Week of Plenty pt1

Ah, I'm finally back!
I definitely missed my computer.. Anyway, this week I did quite a bit of shopping. Although now I can't spend much for a while..

One of the purchases I am most excited about is another formal dress! I asked my friend Arman to my sorority's formal, and since then he has asked me to his so I am very excited about that.
This is a semi-formal dress from Wet Seal. It's very form fitting, has quarter length sleeves, and is basically backless except for three bows that go across.

My next stop was Forever 21
I got these adorable bow clips for less than $3 :)

The roses on the bottom left are my new favorite!

I am planning on wearing this bracelet with my original formal dress :)

After that I picked up one thing from H&M
I got I love all of the earring in this set and I plan on wearing the black balls with to the second formal.

I also got some Lush products, but I'll put those up tomorrow


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  1. I like the colors/theme of your haul. :D The wetseal dress is really cute.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I love the bows and for 3 bucks, what a steal!

  3. aw the bows are too cute, i have clips like that too and just love them (:

  4. i love f21 and h&m accessories! :D

  5. hi! i noticed your comment on another blog- giants fan?? me too! :) your blog is super cute. love the mascara review!


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