Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: Mascara

Hey everyone!
So as a background, I was blessed to be born with my father's eyelashes so I never really cared about mascara. The past few years I stuck with Maybelline's Great Lash just because it was a classic and all my friends used it growing up. Now, there's nothing wrong with this mascara - don't get me wrong - but there's also nothing really special about it. For me, it's just a black mascara to color the ends of my eyelashes. Now cue my recent obsession with makeup gurus on youtube...

Over my winter break from college I literally stumbled across Juicystar07's vlog channel (otherjuicystar07) and the obsession began. I had been wanting
to try Maybelline's Lash Stiletto for a while, so I decided to go for it.

The first time I used Lash Stiletto I didn't like it. It was clumpier than Great Lash and it had an obvious smell to it. This is definitely not a mascara for people who are sensitive to smell, but.. I am not. Eventually I kept using it and I did notice a difference. I'm probably not the best person to s
ay it gave me extra volume or length.. because as I said before, I am very blessed to already have pretty long eyelashes. But it was that something extra that Great Lash didnt give me.

So remember at first I said I hated Lash Stiletto. So after that I knew I just couldn't stick with Great Lash or Lash Stiletto, so I stopped by my local Sephora. I couldn't imagine paying the $20+ for mascara, so I found a small-travel duo pack of Fresh Supernova and Firebird for $10. Now, Supernova was love at first application. It's still my favorite! It applies so nicely- no clumps and it separates and lengthens. The Firebird on the other hand still confuses me. I just don't like the brush. I received a tip that you can use Supernova first and Firebird on top, but I just really don't like the big brush. Plus, I love the packaging. Both tubes are positively adorable! I'm going to have to repurchase Supernova once I run out, even though it is a tad expense for a mascara.

Thanks again to youtube, I knew I had to try the Loreal Telescopic Explosion. Allthatglitters21 (sister to juicystar07) raved about the normal
Telescopic in many videos, and she recently did a review on mascaras with the little ball at the end. Basically, the little ball makes it easier to reach every individual lash, which happened to be perfect for me. I hate curved brushes for mascara, and the straight ones are just impossible for reaching all of my lashes. I also dislike using the wands on my lower lashes because I find it just turns in to a mess (for me, I tend to be a little rushed and clumsy). Now, I'm not sure about the formula for this mascara. I found it pretty clumy, and it also had a slight smell. However, I do love the brush for touch ups. I love using the mascara after I've used the Maybelline Lash Stiletto (I find the formulas a bit similar, the Fresh is much lighter than both). I use it on the outer lashes and the lower lashes, but I do have to be very careful about clumping.

An overview: Maybelline Great Lash is 'great' for a simple mascara. If you're looking for a wash of color this is perfect. Maybelline Lash Stiletto is pretty good, but I'm not sure I'll repurchase in the near future, I think I'm going to try some other mascara's first. But I definitely wouldn't mind repurchasing again sometime. Fresh Supernova is my favorite. I wouldn't call it a holy grail, but it is wonderful. And, Loreal Telescopic Explosion I would repurchase, just for the wand. I would try the Givenchy mascara with the ball.. but again, I'm not sure I want to spend the money just for the wand.

Here is a link to Allthatglitters21's review on Loreal Telescopic Explosion versus the Givency Phenomen'Eyes:

I hope this helps! Sorry also for the stock photos, but mascaras just aren't a pretty thing to photograph once used :)


p.s. Has anyone tried the NARS foundation primer? I'm still on the fence about spending $33 on a primer..


  1. I bought the maybeline stiletto and only used it once, just didn't like it compared to the the normal L'Oreal telescopic and also LOVE L'oreal voluminous.

    Great post x

  2. nice selection of mascara. :)

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