Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haul: MAC Give Me Liberty of London

Today MAC's Give Me Liberty of London limited edition collection came out in stores, and I was able to pick up my pre-ordered loot! Altogether, I didn't get the entire collection but I did get most of it. I got both of the beauty powders: Shell Pearl and Summer Rose; one blush: Prim and Proper; two eyeshadows: Bough Grey and Birds & Berries; one lipstick: Ever Hip; all four lipglasses: Frankly Fresh, Perennial High Style, English Accents and A Different Groove; and one nail lacquer: Blue India. I didn't pick up two of the eyeshadows (Free to Be and Give Me Liberty of London) because I do own a lot of pinks, and these just didn't stand out to me. Plus, Free to Be is now a permanent shade. I also didn't pick up the Dirty Plum blush because it is too dark for me, and it is permanent (PRO) and is in the Riveting Collection currently out. Finally, I didn't pick up the Vestral White nail lacquer because it was just a simple white and had already come out with Hello Kitty.

Beauty Powders
Summer Rose: this came out with the Rose Romance collection, but I wasn't able to get it then. It's a very satiny pink with plum undertones with a very slight sheen. This product can definitely build up for more color pay off, or can be left sheer. For my light skin tone this is a great blush.
Shell Pearl: this is a light peach-coral with a sheen and I'd say would work best as a high light, even for lighter skin tones. This color is absolutely gorgeous, and has already sold out at my counter (as of 4pm 3/11)

Prim & Proper: This is the only blush I picked up and I actually picked it up for my mom. It is a beige-nude with some shimmer, and is too dark for lighter skin tones. However, lighter skin tones could use this for a bronzer (like my mom will).

Ever Hip: This was the only lipstick I picked up, but I love it! It's a nude-coral-orange color in a cremesheen finish so it feels wonderful when applied. It looks quite orange in the pictures, but its much softer on the lips.

Perennial High Style: This is a pink-coral color that goes wonderfully with the Ever Hip Lipstick. It doesn't have any shimmer and has more of a yellow undertone.
Frankly Fresh: Is a bit of a dark peach with gold and pink shimmer. This color is a bit different for me, but can be a wonderful nude with shimmer for some.
English Accents: This is a wonderful milky pink gloss with blue undertones, making it almost purple. It has a sliver shimmer, and is overall quite nice.
A Different Groove: Is a very opaque, dark purple-wine with gold shimmer. This color is too dark for me, but my mom loved it so this one was for her.

Birds & Berries: This is a wonderful frosted dark blue-teal with a veluxe-pearl finish.
Bough Grey: Is a soft grey with green undertones and a satin finish. This is quite unlike any other color MAC has come out with before.

Nail Lacquers:
Blue India: This is one of the most beautiful, unique nail polishes I have come across. Especially with such nice packaging! It's a dark blue-teal with grey undertones. This color looks amazing against the Bough Grey and Birds & Berries eyeshadows.

I did also buy the small makeup bag, but since it isn't sold at counters I ordered it online with both Viva Glam Lada Gaga and Cyndi Lauper lipsticks, so reviews and pictures for those to come soon!


  1. Can't wait for the reviews and pictures!:D

    Will be your first follower, follow my blog too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Wow! You really got yourself quite a haul there.

    Will you be doing any looks with your new MAC goodies?

    I'll definitely be keeping up with your blog. :-)

    Have a wonderful day! :-)

  3. wow ! love this collection! the packaging alone would make me get the purse out!


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