Saturday, March 27, 2010

MAC Pigment DIY

Hey lovelies!
Sorry I've been a bit vacant, it's my spring break and I've managed to get sick :( Anyway, I've had a few pigments that I've decided to press and wanted to share some tips with you all.

The pigments I have are: Your Ladyship (my favorite), Mutiny, Jardin Aires, and Circa Plum.
(pictures from google images)

What you'll need are: Pans, rubbing alcohol (mine is 99% alcohol but you can use one with less), something to stir and pour with, and a palette to put them in and a mixing medium.

The Process:
1) Pour a few scoops of your pigment into your mixing medium (ie. a bowl). It will take trial and error to figure out how much you'll need, try small amounts and work up.
2) Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mix.
3) Once its mixed pour it into your tin pan
4) Let it sit so that the alcohol evaporates and feels powdery
5) Place a paper towel over the tin with a quarter on top of the paper over the powder
6) Place a heavy object on top of the quarter, paper and tin (this is wear the pressing comes in)
7) Let sit over night, and there's your new eyeshadow!

A few other uses for pigments:
*mix a small amount with some clear nailpolish
*mix a small amount with some clear lip gloss
*use as blush
*use as loose eye shadow (great for the tear duct!)

Good luck!


  1. Looks so gorgeous and sparkly!!

  2. nice post..:) btw i like your profile pix you look awesome! :)

  3. Very informative post! seems simple enough to do. I might try it out one of these days.


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